- Crazy HUMMER + α version -

Gonna make me crazy, baby

Gonna make me mad

Gonna make me crazy, darling I know who you are

Score up is my anxious part

I know how to get the score...

TOEIC! Only one TOEIC, TOEIC any anytime

TOEIC! I'll survive

You can call me crazy TOEIC FREAK


Cover me with questions, baby

Cover me with love

Roll me in the answer sheets I'll never get enough

I've come here and you know why

Aiming at the perfect score on

TOEIC! 990 on TOEIC in the near future

TOEIC! Hey guys, when I make it we can share the joy


Ooh he speak English from deep deep throat

Ooh we all love our leader, Sampa !

Ooh he sends tweets on Twitter "コメダなう"

Anytime, anyway, he tweets "コメダなう"

Anytime, anyway, anytime, he wanna say "コメダな~~~う!"

TOEIC! In my life TOEIC, TOEIC any anytime

TOEIC! for the score 990 I've been a longing for

TOEIC! in my life TOEIC, TOEIC any strong desire

TOEIC, TOEIC for my lovely lovely ABIME

TOEIC! all my love TOEIC, TOEIC any anytime

TOEIC oh, TOEIC ooh ooh ah

TOEIC! in my life TOEIC, TOEIC any anytime

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